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Hand Soap at the sink

I think liquid hand soap is does away with the mess of soap bars, with them, the counter and the soap dish looking dirty.  And I like in counter soap dispensers like this which I have in all the bathrooms and the kitchen (where there are two of them, one for hand soap and another for dish detergent).  But...the scents are uninteresting...or come in small and expensive quantities.  The answer: Buy the lagest size (of the aloe vera sort, not the anti-microbial kind!) at the big box buying clubs, then infuse it with the scent you like by buying any one of a hundred or so different essential oils available from your health food store, Amazon or wherever.  I use lavender, which has a wonder scent and isn't expensive, but the choices are delightfully wide. You can do the same thing with bath oil, for which I use Deodar Himalayan Cedar essential oil, which is cheaper instead of sandalwood oil...besides not killing sandalwood trees which grow very slowly, are endangered and can only be harvested by digging up the roots, whence cometh sandalwood oil.

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