Couch extended feet to make a couch higher


Newer couches have feet that screw on, as at the bottom in the picture below.  If yours does, you can make a simple longer couch foot, shown below, out of 4x4 lumber 

Picture #1, 4x4 longer leg compared to original leg

When you’re done and the new longer feet are installed, the couch will sit higher, at whatever height you chose.  No more struggling to get out of the couch! 
Your couch will look like this:

Picture #2, Leg extension installed

It’s simple and costs less than $10.  The only materials are a special screw/bolt and a 4x4. 

To make the extended sofa feet (if your sofa has screw-on feet):

Picture #3

Disclaimer: If this work is done in a workmanlike fashion, it will be reasonably strong.  However, you should realize that the longer the extension, the more leverage it can represent.  You should take care when moving the sofa; pick it up, don’t push it around!  If your extensions are long, you might consider reinforcing them with a strip of plywood between them to protect them from possible shear force.