was named Margaret Stewart Dean, for her paternal great-grandmothers, Margaret McLaughlin Stewart (Nana to me) and Greta Wynant Dean.

She was a lovely, loving, ebullient child, here about age 4, as I try to nibble on her toes...


Here she is again at my wedding to Sue in '81, at 5 and a half


She caught the wedding bouquet....and is next to be married!  Afterwards, she was spun-out but wanted MORE FUN (to sleep overnight at a friend's house) and here is Sue gently explaining that she needs to "come down" and can't go.

She's growed up she is with her husband (who proposed to her on a vacation to Bali, no less), Steve, at a barbecue at their place, a house in the woods with a beautiful view of the Catskill Mountains.  They were married summer of 2001 at Mohonk..


Her first child, Dion, my grandson

..the years roll's Dion with her in 2015

and Mara at 40 with Stephen...