was named Margaret Stewart Dean, for her paternal great-grandmothers, Margaret Mclaughlin Stewart (Nana to me) and Greta Wynant Dean.

She was a lovely, loving, ebullient child, here about age 4, as I try to nibble on her toes

Here she is again at our wedding in '81, at 5 and a half

She caught the wedding bouquet....and is next to be married!  Afterwards, she was spun-out but wanted MORE FUN (to sleep overnight at a friend's house) and here is Sue gently explaining that she needs to "come down" and can't go.

She's growed up she is with her husband (who proposed to her on a vacation to Bali, no less), Steve, at a barbecue at their place, a house in the woods with a beautiful view of the Catskill Mountains.  They were married summer of 2001 at Mohonk..

Goodness, my kiddo has given us a grandchild!   Late Breaking news on Baby Dion