The tale of the slimy woofy cushion

The SWC was the description Ari gave our bearcoart SharPei...she didn't take to Ren, who was a very doggy dog.

...but her tale is now ended as she made the last trip to the vet; Ren was about 9 years old.  She had been stumbling going up stairs and hadn't really eaten in 4-5 days.  She would look at me, as was her wont when she needed something, when she was out of dog food or water or wanted to go out.  Now she was looking at me to make things better.  She was listless and her tail hardly ever came up. I took her to the vet this am; who said her belly was 'tight as a drum', that he could take x-rays, operate and all of that...but it seemed to me she had had her run, that prolonging it would just be a misery of dubious outcome.  The vet gave her a sedative that in about a minute turned her into a still breathing but floppy rag doll...and then two final injections that stopped that and her great foolish heart.  I kept telling her all the while what a wonderful dog she was, the best of dogs....and then she was gone.

Here she was fresh out of the oven.  If I had one regret with her it was that she never had puppies...she would have been such a mother with the cutest puppies in the world....