Playing for English Country Dance

English Country Dance silhouette image

Play the music you've seen played in the Jane Austen movies like Pride & Prejudice

Looking for those playing piano, cello, flute, recorder, oboe or clarinet to play for a local monthly dance

ECD Music is played much like an informal chamber music with an ensemble
of piano and 1 - 4 melody/counter melody musicians; it is relatively straightforward and unarranged

ECD music is substantially proto-classical, the popular music from 1650-1850.  The melodies originally came from popular song and folk music.  Much is period anonymous work, but there are also melodies of Purcell, Handel, Haydn, Jeremiah Clarke, William Byrd, Thomas Ford, Corelli, Holst.....and contemporary compositions of today...all lovely, lively melodies.  You can hear some of this music played by me and others ensemble here.

Playing ECD calls for: Some of the pleasures of ECD music-making include: The dance form itself is gorgeous: if you saw any of the Jane Austin movies or Shakepeare In Love, you've seen the dance, which has an almost balletic choreography.  It was the dominant social activity for 300 years...before the telephone, it was one of the primary ways people got together to talk, court, flirt, gossip and generally socially interact.  You dance with everyone in turn...and you do get to know them, men and women all.

It is still danced: here's a YouTube video of current dancing.  

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