Nook BNVR500 GlowLight Dissasembly to Replace Battery

  1. The GlowLight (hereafter GL) has a silicone rubber edge bumper strip.  Remove it, it comes off just like a rubber band.  Notice that there are holes for the power off buttun on the top left side and the USB connector on the bottom; these must be in proper orientation when putting it back on.
  2. You will now be able to see white locking tabs that hold the back to the chassis; there are three on the sides and two each on the top and bottom.  The two tab on the bottom are placed somewhat different and care should be taken with the smaller tab on the bottom right since a) it's smaller and more likely to break off and b) it locks into a separate and clear peice of plastic which isn't as robust as the rest of the rim
  3. The temptation is to remove the front; Don't!!!  It will be easy to pry off and there will be little snapping noise that you may think are tabs coming free, but they are actually little plastic stand-off for the screws on the other side and you will have to use glue to put things back together.  Again, don't remove the front!!!
  4. Instead, begin prying off the back.  Maybe start at the top right corner back.  There are even very nice pry spots, as is shown below, where you can insert your pry tool...
  5. Be careful when you get to the bottom, particularly with the bottom right tab which is smaller and snaps into a clear subassembly that's probably fragile.
  6. The back holds the battery in a recess and is connected with a multiconductor cable with connector plug that goes into a circuit board socket.                 
    If you really must get to the other side, the small torx screws marked with arrows can be removed for that. 
  7. The battery appears to be the same as the one used in a Nook Simple Touch, with or without Glowlight. It's an MLP 305787 that fits into a recess in the back.  It's not stuck in the recess with adhesive, rather there's a funny special piece of shipping tape with tabe that fit in between the stiffener ribs of the back.  Gently pry up the sticky tabs (you'll be reusing this stick-down cover patch) and the battery can be slipped right out.
  8. This is where I say the famous words of the old British Sports Car Repair Manuals:  Reassembly is the same as dissassembly, except in reverse