Authenticated and Encrypted Email Settings with Time-Warner

This is for with the Thunderbird email client, but it should help even if you do email with a different client.

I decided to go onto a VPN (, $40. per year) because it encrypts and anonymizes your internet activity.  Given all the criminal, business and governmental snooping, it's probably more than a good idea.

The VPN setup was dead simple, but my outgoing email to the TWC/Charter/Spectrum/whoknows SMTP mail server wouldn't send.... I suppose because the email now came from the anonymized address outside the TWC network.

And anyway, my down and upload wasn't authenticated, so I wanted that and TWC has finally, finally got that. And I was hoping for encrypted SSL. There are, alas, elventy-leven different possible combinations so it wasn't easy figuring out what works. TWC's support was utterly useless and parroting a very simple trouble-shooting script.

Note that whether or not you have a VPN, it's worth securing your email login, download and upload

One annoyance of what I finally came up with was that I could no longer hide my email redirection alias.  I have my own domain,, and email sent to my address of gets redirected to whatever actual email provider I my actual email account of  Besides being easier to remember and tell people, if I change providers or the provider changes its name (RoadRunner became and who knows what next), people never have to change what they have for my email address.

With things as they are now, still works, but it's more obvious to people that that's the real destination....and that may confuse some people.  Oh well.

Anyway,. these are the Account Settings for both email down and up load with authentication, and which will work with my VPN.  The email address and username incoming and outgoing appear to be required to be identical.  The password, submitted elsewhere, is your TWC account password

For the incoming mail.  Note that the User Name is NOT just the user name, but the whole email address

For outgoing mail.

If you use TWC this should give you a starting point for authenticated and maybe encrypted mail even if you don't use the Thunderbird mail client on your machine, because the parameters will be somewhat similar.